Special Fabrication Keeps Expansion Of Waste Management Facility On Track

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Brooks Forgings specialise in a diverse range of manufacturing processes and products. This has enabled us to offer bespoke project solutions and meet the specific requirements required by our expanding customer base.

Over the last decade, we have grown to be one of the leading suppliers in the waste and recycling sector, expanding our range of components to meet current market demands.

As part of site expansion, a waste management company approached us with a novel idea for a roller track system. The design would allow large containers to be moved in and out of confined space applications where conventional moving and lifting equipment could not be utilised safely. A dual-track, 10 metres in length, was designed and fabricated using a total of 56 rollers (168mm outer diameter) and special shafts that allow lubrication via grease nipples at each end.

roller track fabrication for waste management facility

The track was fabricated in 8 individual sections to aid with transportation and installation and designed to be bolted down in situ. It is fully serviceable and allows for Individual components to be removed and replaced when required.

roller track fabrication

It was our extensive in-house manufacturing processes that enabled us to supply the project on-time and from one source. A combination of sawing, robot welding, manual welding, and machining processes was used.

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robot welding of rollers

special track roller design for recycling facility